I finally released a game

Recently I hit the two year mark since I last released a game, which gave me the motivation to *finally* ship a small side project called Paint It Jack.

The game revolves around a character called Jack who has to paint the world around vim. Soak up paint then head over to objectives to bring some good ol' colour.  Whilst I wanted to keep it simple and ultimately quite easy, to add some challenge there's some cleaners removing your paint and critters that can kill you.

It feels good to finally get something released and I hope people like the game - or at least don't completely hate it! It has been quite an interesting project at times, in particular coming up with the Fun Facts! Writing those had a few languages issues for me with the gender neutral characters so that was a bit of a learning experience.

Whilst I'm not entirely happy with the game, I'm delighted to have it released and I've got my buzz for game dev back with another project already on the go. It is good to be back =)


PaintItJack-Installer.exe 25 MB
Jan 23, 2018

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